A Bank Holiday Stroll

Whenever Chris comes to Watford for a weekend we always schedule in a walk. This time we cleverly planned ahead and packed our bags the night before so we could wake up, cook breakfast and then head straight for the hills! Well… the tunnel under the M1 that leads to my patch.

Birding in Spring

Taking advantage of the few Spring rays of sun permeating the thick layer of Winter cloud I decided to go out birding. I’ve always had a love for birds because of how visible and vocal they are. You can almost be guaranteed to see birds no matter where you are in the UK: cities, countryside, … More Birding in Spring

Oiseaux Parisiens

Paris is a beautiful city with a penchant for fashion. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the city’s hustle and bustle… or to stop and stare at all the sights. But you needn’t walk for miles to get a feel for Paris when its inhabitants are all around you. Parisians are watching visitors from the outside seating of … More Oiseaux Parisiens

The Elephant Whisper: A 300 Word Review

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence “Learning about life, loyalty and freedom from a remarkable herd of elephants”   The title and its tagline were a bad start. The people who declare themselves as animal ‘whisperers’ are generally those on tv who are pretty good at training domestic dogs or, in all honesty, they’re … More The Elephant Whisper: A 300 Word Review

Electric Blue

  I don’t have a bucket list per se: I have a number of animals that I know I want to see, but I want to see them doing very specific things. Here’s an idea of what I mean: Red deer rutting Otters romping Kingfishers fishing Stag beetles stomping Grey seals basking …And as of … More Electric Blue

Restless at 2PM

  For the last few months I’ve been neglecting my subscriptions to BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. They’ve been mounting on the far right of my desk, some still in their plastic wraps, forming a mini-Andes of magazines. Today was the day I decided to deal with the backlog head on, meaning I could clear … More Restless at 2PM

Going Digital

Having owned a Sony bridge camera for a good four years now, you would think I would know it inside out right? Wrong. Auto mode has been my default mode for the entire time. It was time to ‘Get off Auto‘ – the name of a course my brother kindly bought me as a Christmas … More Going Digital

New year, New Zoo

Colchester has been on my radar for a while now as it keeps cropping up in conversations with friends and seems to be highly rated by most. Home to elephants, tigers, lions, bears and penguins; all you can hope to see right? But it has so much more than just the big five mentioned above! I managed … More New year, New Zoo