A Bank Holiday Stroll

Whenever Chris comes to Watford for a weekend we always schedule in a walk. This time we cleverly planned ahead and packed our bags the night before so we could wake up, cook breakfast and then head straight for the hills! Well… the tunnel under the M1 that leads to my patch.


It was awesome to walk around and see that spring is in full swing. Every plant is that vibrant green indicative of new growth and insects are stretching their wings in the sunlight.DSC07369

I usually go on a three-hour walk and only pass a handful of people, but as it’s warming up it was nice to see more couples and families were out to enjoy the sunshine. And none were enjoying the sun more than these playful pooches:


Because of the commotion we didn’t see the kingfisher that tends to fish by that bridge, but the river was looking beautiful nonetheless.


We made our way to the small woodland just beside Aldenham golf course as I knew the bluebells would have started to open. Many buds were still closed tightly shut but we managed to spot a few early bloomers.


And using my gorilla grip tripod for my camera, with much manoeuvring and running, we managed to snap a half decent photo of us together.


Further along our trail we didn’t spot much that wanted to pose for a photo but we caught glances of a greater spotted woodpecker being chased by a nuthatch, , a bull finch, goldfinches, more peacock butterflies, a few orange-tips and a bright green butterfly.

As the green butterfly didn’t land, I can’t be certain of the ID, but it reminded me of a photo I took last year of a brimstone butterfly whilst on a trip in Kent.


Not a bad weekend at all! And seeing today’s weather is a bit lacklustre, I think we timed the stroll just right.


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