Oiseaux Parisiens

Paris is a beautiful city with a penchant for fashion. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the city’s hustle and bustle…

police officer paris.jpg

or to stop and stare at all the sights.

Notre Dame.jpg

But you needn’t walk for miles to get a feel for Paris when its inhabitants are all around you. Parisians are watching visitors from the outside seating of every brasserie and, of course, from their narrow balconies that line the streets.

chatty pigeons

Some prefer to just go about their daily business.

Dog walker.jpg

Whilst others are happy to gossip and peer at you from afar.


Every season of every year Paris is set upon by designers, models and journalists for a very special week. People clamber over each other to fight for global attention.



But sometimes no matter how shocking some people try to be, or how many poses they strike, they end up being overshadowed by someone else.

However, after seemingly endless preening behind the scenes.

preening parisien starling.jpg

Some models can end up with the perfect shot.

Shimmering starling.jpg

Though, if you look all around the city, you’ll find it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

chess players in paris.jpg


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