Day 10: Looking for some Ladies

Cow parsley is EVERYWHERE at the moment. I walk past so much of the stuff when I’m at work that I had to take a closer look to see what animals where living on and around it. I was excited to find a few animals just within ten minutes of casual exploring. The animal that … More Day 10: Looking for some Ladies



This is my video for the 2nd of June, Day 2 of #30DaysWild, filmed at Regent’s Park. The idea was to try and spot as many geese and ducks as possible; it didn’t disappoint. As an added bonus I spotted some nesting birds and quite a few chicks/goslings waddling about. Not to spoil anything but… … More #30DaysWildfowl

A Pair of Fun-guys

Today is a Sunday; a day of relaxation. For many people relaxing on Sunday means sitting on the sofa, putting on a boxset of their choice and eating treats they don’t normally have during the week. I, however, did all of that on Saturday, meaning Chris and I were going to have to get off our butts … More A Pair of Fun-guys