A Pair of Fun-guys

Today is a Sunday; a day of relaxation. For many people relaxing on Sunday means sitting on the sofa, putting on a boxset of their choice and eating treats they don’t normally have during the week. I, however, did all of that on Saturday, meaning Chris and I were going to have to get off our butts and go for a ramble in the woods.

We’re very lucky because if you walk for ten minutes from my house you can find yourself on the edge of Bricket Wood Common. The Common is a very small woodland with patches of boggy heath flanked by a farming estate. Being such a mix of habitats means that you can actually find a large diversity of fauna and flora. This is my patch!


We found the perfect tree for us to sit on, which happened to be opposite the perfect tree for my camera to sit on. Never ones to miss a photo opportunity, we had to oblige. (Chris on the left, Me/Sam on the right)

Walk in the woods photoshott with chrissy.JPG

It even had a branch for the strap to go around, safety first!

We managed to spot a lot of intruiging fungi and unlike the birds which fly away in a split second I could actually nab a few photographs.


Chris christened this one the ‘popcorn’ fungi.


I love finds like this crumbly tree trunk because you can see so much evidence of life and past life. Just from this photo you can see all of the holes made by different animals; I bet there are tonnes of beetle larvae hiding just under the surface.

After the success of hanging up the camera earlier on the walk our heads got a bit big and we tried to replicate it at every opportunity.


After nearly three hours exploring (our snacks were running low) we decided to head home.

The last photo I took was of some vibrant bank haircup moss.


It had made camp at the base of a tree and sat just atop of its roots. I thought it looked like a tiny, lush, green forest. I tried to capture that feeling by getting as low as possible to take a shot. It reminds me so much of those panning aerial shots at the beginning of documentaries!


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