Day 8: World Ocean Day!

Happy World Ocean Day! It’s the day we celebrate everything that lives in the sea. Whales and dolphins are animals that have always captivated my imagination and were the animals that first got me thinking about wildlife. I remember there being a few two-page spreads in an encyclopaedia I had when I was young. Their beauty, gentle nature (some species anyway), playfulness and sense of family astound me.

I was lucky enough to work alongside wild dolphins when taking part in a field study for a charity. Whilst I was there, in sunny climbs, I took the opportunity to learn how to dive. Diving is absolutely incredible and if it weren’t for the cost I would be diving every single weekend. Something that I realised on one of my very first dives was the evidence of human inhabitation. I was 30metres below the surface, in a completely different world and I could see a plastic bag.

This story is almost a cliché because we all have heard in before and even seen it on our own beaches or on TV. To help combat this issue I am taking the #OneLess pledge to stop using single use plastic water bottles. We get through 200 on average in the UK each every year and only 24% of our plastic waste gets recycled.

By using a refillable water bottle you can save yourself money, worry and hassle! Because you’ll always have a bottle of water in your bag with you at all times, ready for when you’re thirsty and never leaving you in the lurch.

Here’s my quick video!





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