Day 7: A new journey

A simple way to take part in #30DaysWild is to change your commute. In total I travel for 1hr 15mins approximately from door to door. 30-35minutes of that is walking. Not through lush green woodland as you would hope, through side streets and alleys that frankly smell. Dead animals are a common sight though Im afraid. Recently a large dead rat was in one alley for at least a week and before that it was a pigeon’s foot! Just a foot…nothing else.

Reading the above, I’m sure you can understand why I grabbed the opportunity to change my commute! I walked instead to the bottom of Regent’s park (from Euston) and chose a random selection of paths to get me to work. I loved it. It took longer than my normal commute but was definitely worth it!

Here’s who/what I met in the form of a video…


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