Day 5: Travel Accessories

January 2016 was a turning point for me; I decided to reduce my impact on the planet. I haven’t just gone ‘STOP!’ and halted all potentially harmful practices that I may have been condoning or contributing to. Instead I have eliminated smaller factors one by one.

It has been widely documented that a good way to reduce your environmental impact (in many ways) is through your diet. So I now eat less meat and dairy.

I consciously try and buy items with less plastic wrapping and I have only purchased one plastic bag in 2016, opting to use a rucksack or tot bag in their place. In all honesty, I regret buying that plastic bag, I instantly thought of a way that I could have avoided it but, alas, the deed was done.

In my new video for #30DaysWild I show two new ways that I’m going to try and reduce my waste and impact on the environment whilst on holiday.


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