Day 3: Citizen Science

I love a good bit of science. Who doesn’t? So why not be part of it? Citizen science is so easy to take part in; if you’re going to take photos of nature, why not use those photos to help protect/discover more about it?

So I uploaded a photo of a bee that I found on a walk home today to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust BeeWatch to help with their survey of the UK. There’s more out there so have a quick google if you’re interested.

I filmed the video in my garden, and as I was editing a fox walked in through the alleyway beside my house. It was startled to see me sitting there and sprinted up the garden and jumped over the 6ft fence with ease! I’ve never been that close to a fox, must have been less than three metres away from me.

About half an hour later a common frog decided to pay me a visit too, scrambling over the plant pots until he found shelter to hide under. It was so lovely to sit in my garden for a few hours and see different animals begin to take over as the sunlight started to fade.

Here’s the video!


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