Day 3: Citizen Science

I love a good bit of science. Who doesn’t? So why not be part of it? Citizen science is so easy to take part in; if you’re going to take photos of nature, why not use those photos to help protect/discover more about it? So I uploaded a photo of a bee that I found … More Day 3: Citizen Science



This is my video for the 2nd of June, Day 2 of #30DaysWild, filmed at Regent’s Park. The idea was to try and spot as many geese and ducks as possible; it didn’t disappoint. As an added bonus I spotted some nesting birds and quite a few chicks/goslings waddling about. Not to spoil anything but… … More #30DaysWildfowl


The Wildlife Trusts started a brilliant campaign last year called #30DaysWild. For the whole month of June people are encouraged to do a random act of wildness each day so they can discover nature in a variety of different ways. Suggestions range from simply going for a walk, sketching flowers, creating wild cocktails, planting flowers for bees… … More #30DaysWild